7 Pillars of a Successful Business Plan

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7 Pillars of a Successful Business Plan

A business plan starts with a vision. Your business blooms out of a genesis in your mind wanting to be imitated in the real world and before you know it, you are already thinking about ways that you could climb the ladder of a successful entrepreneur. However, prior to your journey, a budding entrepreneur needs to understand the intricate workings of a business and fabricate fundamentals to build your business upon. Strategizing a business plan is essential and knowing the components of a successful business plan is paramount. Let’s explore them in detail.

Executive Summary

An executive summary is the first vital step towards building a successful business. This provides an overview of your niche, the idea behind your business and your experience in the respected field. Your executive summary should be a summation of your business plan and cover all its highlights, including the products and services you wish to offer; hence it is best to write it at the end for a better summarization.

Business Description

A business description features a radical description of your business plan, goals, objectives, target audience, services and products. Also include the industry your company desires to serve, its prominent trends and any noteworthy competitors. This is where you highlight how your business stands out from other competitors in the market and what gives your business an edge over them by using a strong methodology and advanced strategies.

Market Analyses and Strategies

This is where you unveil the strength of your understanding of the market. Factors forming the deciding strategy should include a survey of your audience and ongoing trends and themes in the industry. While planning for a target audience, ask the following questions:

- What are the demographics of the target audience?

- How do your products meet the requirements of your audience?

- Does your targeted audience spend time on any particular social media or follow any specific trend?

- What are the obstacles your audiences face that could be fulfilled by your products and services?

- This can give a clear view of your understanding of the market and enable you to make necessary strategies accordingly.

Competitive Analysis

An estimation of your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses is rather important for your business to flourish. A key understanding of the advantages that could distinguish your company from a myriad of others is crucial while you analyse your competitors' strategies that have worked extraordinarily well or have seen a steady decline.

Company Description

A company description entails the need to introduce your business team and their qualifications as well as designations. Introduce your company peers and individuals with key responsibilities for higher trust factors. You can also mention the human resources requirements and legal structure of your company.

Marketing Plan and Sales Strategy

This is where your business gets real. Break down the market analyses and plan a step-by-step marketing process accordingly. Figure out the marketing methods your company needs to adapt that might include email marketing, social media, or web room marketing, among others, and set a budget accordingly. A sales strategy will also require you to generate leads and to form a compelling team that could carry this task out. Plan out the sales targets you want to meet in a specific tenure.


Procuring monetary funds in order to escalate the growth of your business is crucial. Once you do that, break down your financial goals yearly or quarterly as you see fit and invest in marketing and products accordingly. Adopt a systematic approach of arranging your revenue throughout the years.

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