6 Goals That Can Boom Your Career

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6 Goals That Can Boom Your Career

Great careers don’t happen overnight. Instead, there are countless hours of hard work that eventually pay off when you have a successful career. However, to reach the summit, you need to know the right path. In this context, you need goals and milestones to achieve the success you need. These goals must be focus-oriented and actionable, keeping a clear vision toward the destination. Let’s find out what specific goals you should have to boom your career.

Learn a New Skill

As opposed to the popular notion, learning should never stop as it is what keeps you moving. Learning a career-oriented skill, tool or language can assist you in your career at some point in time. Mastering a new tool will give you an edge over those who might know of it but not how to use it.

Be Curious and Grow in Your Existing Role

A routine 9-5 job isn’t going to make you any better. Instead, taking an initiative, trying to learn new things, asking questions and getting out of your comfort zone at the current job will do it for you. A stagnating career cannot be revived unless you explicitly want to make up for it and that’s where a career goal can help revitalize it.


Your goals must be SMART, i.e., Specific, Measurable, Adjustable, Realistic, and Timely. They must have a clear and actionable vision that you want to achieve. There should be performance metrics that you can utilize to measure your success. They must also be adjustable and account for the fluctuation in this ever-changing world.

Furthermore, goals must be realistic because it is just a waste of time if not. Finally, it would help if you had career goals segregated into short-term and long-term, where meeting the shorter ones should take you towards accomplishing the longer ones.

Build KPIs and Assess Yourself

KPIs or key performance indicators are used worldwide to ascertain an employee’s performance at any given organization. You can build your own KPIs and self-assess at different intervals to find out where you are the best and areas where you are lacking. KPIs can be anything from making sales to customer satisfaction and may vary based on your career. Try to hit a higher KPI the next time around, giving yourself a boost every time you accomplish it.

Develop a Healthy Work-life Balance

Gone are the days when working tirelessly throughout the day was the secret to success. Instead, maintaining a good work-life balance has grabbed a paramount position in our daily lives. You must set goals to give both work and personal life adequate time and effort without compromising. Create minor milestones such as taking a vacation after a hectic month or developing a hobby for better mental health.

Bump up in Your Career

The ultimate goal in your career should be to get better opportunities, salary packages and perks and a healthy work-life balance. Instead of paddling the boat on the same stagnant job, you must actively look for better opportunities. You can achieve it by taking initiatives at the existing profile, spearheading projects, learning new skills and utilizing them to hit optimum KPIs.

With all said and done, it is much easier to note short-term and long-term goals, but you need persistence, dedication and determination to achieve them. That’s where Don Vierboom at Four Tree Coaching comes into play, offering the best-in-class career advice and coaching. Book a life-changing 30-minute call and you will end up looking at the world from a different perspective altogether.