3 Crucial Steps in Developing Managers into Visionary Leaders

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3 Crucial Steps in Developing Managers into Visionary Leaders

When you started your business, you must have already realized that at some point, you’ll have to relinquish your operational control to a management team so you can focus on other things for your business. The idea of letting other people take the reins and run the company for you can be quite scary. The truth is, you don’t have to be scared. You just need to build a management team into a value-driving force.

Whether you promote them from within or hire them externally, your managers will basically become your champions for business growth. But before they can do that, you need to take some steps to make sure that they become a value-driving force for your business’s success.

- Make Sure You Have the Best People for the Job.

You’ve hired these leaders for quite some time, and you’ve already seen their potential. Now, the question is, can they take it to the next level? One of the simplest ways to gauge your management team’s strength is to conduct a skills audit. This involves measuring the ROI for each key player across a broad range of management and leadership skills. From communication and efficiency to general productivity, these competencies will tell a lot about each member of your team. It also lets you know the skills you need for the job match the managers you currently have, and what other skills they need to develop.

It’s essential to understand your team member’s strengths and weaknesses, and you can do that with a skills audit. You’ll be able to tell what kind of training they need and who needs it the most. If necessary, you can make some critical decisions on who gets to proceed or not.

- Give Your Managers Clear Goals That Are in Line with Your Own Objectives.

You need to communicate your vision of what your business will be in the future. Gather your team and set a business growth roadmap for how you expect your managers to achieve success. Since goal-setting is a natural part of any leadership position, this is a great activity to do to see how they think.

At this stage, it’s your responsibility as the leader of the company to provide insight and guide your managers in contributing to your objectives. Additionally, it gives them a much better chance of meeting your expectations.

- Step Back and Let Them Do What You’re Paying Them to Do.

Now that you’ve spent some time defining your goals and objectives and setting a roadmap for their success, it’s time to get out of their way. This is the part where you step back and let your managers deliver on what they’ve promised you. It’s important to train them to be proactive leaders. That can only be achieved if you interfere as little as possible. Instead, ask for regular reposts so you can monitor their progress without meddling. At this point, you are a mere spectator watching over every decision that they make.


Developing the future leaders of your organization is critical to the success of your business. Whatever the job you’ve been doing before, you need to impart all your knowledge, instinct, and skills to them to make sure they are a value-driving force that will ensure the organization’s success. You’re not developing them to become the leader you once were; you’re training them to become something more.

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