5 Myths About Hiring Business Coaching Services

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Starting a business is going to be one of the most liberating experiences of your life. You’ll have the opportunity to do the things you love and make a living out of it, and you’ll learn plenty about what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. While it does come with plenty of challenges, these are all part of what moves you towards business growth and ultimately to a successful company.

While this can be the experience of a lifetime, there are still many parts of running your own company that can be stressful. Failures are a part of life as an entrepreneur, but there are failures that any new proprietor can prevent from happening in the first place. Business advisory services are always a good idea, as these can help you tackle the pressing issues that often lead a company to its early demise. There are still misconceptions about hiring one to help, and here are some myths that shroud business coaching services:

- You Need to Reach a Failing Point First

As they say with any sickness, prevention is better than searching for a cure. Before your business even starts to go wrong, hiring business coaching services can help you turn your already good idea into an extremely stable one. Waiting until your company reaches red alert status can make things even more challenging to survive and get out of it quickly. There are always things to be learned from a proper mentor who has worked with tons of entrepreneurs to achieve small business growth and success.

- Business Coaching Services Are Like Therapy

While it might seem like a business advisor will just listen to you and give points for what to do to change things, that isn’t what they do. They are known as coaches for a reason, and coaches typically get down and dirty with you to help you achieve your company’s goals. Therapists usually see you, diagnose you, and give pointers to work on throughout the week, but a business coach will persevere and guide you through the works step-by-step. What makes a good advisor is their level of immersion with your business and how well they’ll give realistic advice to prevent you from going down the wrong path, even if it hurts to hear.

- All Business Advisors Do Is Cheer You On

Coaches will offer support and positive words when needed, but they will likely not hesitate to give advice that is hard to swallow to make business growth possible. The end goal of all business coaching services is to promote more remarkable strides in a proprietor’s development. Through progressive methods, successful moves will be in reach. Your coach won’t just be on the sidelines, offering positive words; they’ll make you work for it and help you stay motivated throughout your journey.

- These Coaches Will Do All the Work for You

When you hire a coach to help you with your business, they’ll only show you the doors and give you a choice to open them and step through. At the end of the day, coaching is all about showing you the options available and what paths are the best to take. Whether you take these or not is up to you. Those wondering how to succeed in business will still need to persevere and make their own decisions, as this is the nature of being a proprietor.

- Hiring Business Advisory Services Is the Easy Way Out

As the most successful people in the world say, it’s all about working smart and not always working hard. Why subject yourself to costly mistakes that can damage your business if you can prevent these by hiring the right person for the job? Those who claim that people who invest in coaches are wasting money and time have not experienced intense setbacks yet, so you already know what to do before these happen to you. After all, you might even shave off a year or two from your potential business growth roadmap with sound advice.


Coaching services are some of the best things you can invest in to find ways to succeed in business. Failures will be inevitable, but the gravity of these can be significantly reduced when someone tells you how to prepare for these. The choice is ultimately yours regarding how far you want your company to go.

Four Tree Coaching is a business advisory services provider that helps small and medium enterprises make educated decisions about their growth paths and other significant moves. If you are struggling with getting your business off the ground, it can help by finding an excellent coach to put you in the right direction. Contact us today to learn more about ways we can work with you and boost your company’s status.