Achieve More, Together: The Importance of Working as a Team

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Achieve More, Together: The Importance of Working as a Team

"There’s no ‘I’ in team" is a familiar adage people learn as early as preschool or elementary school. Parents and teachers remind children that it’s possible to accomplish more when you do it together. This refrain continues through the rest of your school years, all the way to the workforce.

Unfortunately, many employees still cringe when they learn that they have to collaborate with their colleagues on a project or even when the manager announces that there will be a team-building activity ahead. Why is this so?

Much as it is a cliche, working as a team is indeed critical to achieving your business goals. Read on for a breakdown of why this remains true in the modern workplace.

Why Teamwork Is Important

Teamwork is a crucial driving force for organizations, especially in the digital age. Studies have proven time and again that organizations that highlight teamwork innovate more efficiently and more quickly, see mistakes more clearly, find viable solutions to problems, and achieve higher productivity.

Improving teamwork within an organization is vital to success as it is aimed at increasing quality performance and productivity. For instance, a salesmen-laden business enforces healthy competition between and among salespersons. Still, when they work as a team and share resources, they can achieve better results and close more deals.

To improve teamwork, team building is vital. Team building is the glue that sticks people together to produce good cooperation.

Now you wonder, what is team building, and how does it work? Read on.

Team Building Defined

Simply put, team building is a process in which individual contributing employees assemble to form a cohesive team. A team, in this context, is a group of people collaborating to work as one unit. Together, they perform their responsibility of meeting the needs of their clients and accomplishing their goals.

How Team Building Works

Many believe that team building is just a waste of time and resources. They don't see the value of working as a team while building stronger ties among colleagues. Unfortunately, many team-building endeavours do not achieve their intended purpose because their basic tenets are set aside. Business owners and activity organizers miss highlighting each member's motivating factors and individual personalities, leaving gaping gaps in the foundation of team building.

Managers organizing team-building activities should determine the strengths and weaknesses of their team members. From there, it’s crucial to create the right mix of individuals with different skills. They also should focus on fostering trust and strong interpersonal relations among members of the team. Moreover, managers should encourage interaction and communication among members and enforce productivity while reducing stress through various team-building activities.

During team building, managers should clearly define the objectives and goals of their organization. They also must specify the role of each member in the team to lead them towards achieving their goals.


Teamwork means enabling each member to work collaboratively to achieve a common goal. Team building is the act of identifying and motivating individual members or employees to form a team that sticks together, works together, and achieves together. As they say, teamwork makes the dream work.

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