Big Picture: The True Meaning of Working on Your Business

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Big Picture: The True Meaning of Working on Your Business

Many business owners rapidly burn out when they start a new firm because they feel they must handle everything on their own. Even after months of professional experience, they still feel obligated to do everything. Worse, they don't spend time working on their expansion or developing their teams. As a result, they get caught up in their work cycle rather than focusing on the growth of their business.

Understanding the Importance of Delegation

Typical proprietors are "doers," and they generally enjoy the work. They do not, however, trust others to do accomplish tasks successfully. Because of this, they are often engrossed with the day-to-day operations of the firm.

An obstacle that most business owners face is trusting their employees to manage the company. To combat this, they must devote time to personal growth, networking, and training staff in order to become stronger leaders and business owners.

If you’re what they call a "helicopter" boss, you must take the steps to stop this cycle. This means you have to give yourself time as a business owner to develop your firm outside of your day-to-day operations.

With that said, you must establish your boundaries and give ample space to brainstorming and executing future development plans. To begin, you must form a team to help you succeed.

There is No "I" in "Team"

Forming a reliable team requires strong leadership, consistency, standards, clear action plans, team support, and inclusivity. You must invest in training your employees to work without you or accomplish tasks with minimal supervision.

When you allocate enough time and effort to this, your employees gain the advantage of skill development, which in turn allows them to learn and contribute external information to your company. Once you have a team in place to handle the company's critical day-to-day needs, you can concentrate on other aspects of your business.

See the Big Picture

Remember, running your business isn't just about the daily deliverables and the detailed processes. When you take initiative to learn, develop, and plan the future, you think ahead. When you establish objectives and create meaningful partnerships, you grow your business with your team. And together, you engage in making your business vision come to life.

Set aside time to complete the tasks required to move your business forward. Maintain discipline and develop a plan for your company's growth. Create a systemic strategy to help you balance and begin focusing on the most important function of a business owner. This is simply what it means to work on your business, rather than in.


As the proprietor, you might want to consider hiring the services of a business coach mentor or mentor. No employee is perfect, but your employees are human beings who can improve their talents, personalities, and work ethics. Having this mentality is a key start toward being connected and working together to achieve corporate goals.

Furthermore, be truthful and use data and facts to evaluate your company's success. And soon, you'll be able to trust your team and relinquish control.

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