How to Find the Right Business Advisor as Your Mentor

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How to Find the Right Business Advisor as Your Mentor

Building a business can seem like a simpler achievement today with the numerous modern tools and automation processes available. However, maintaining a company is much harder in retrospect. Projecting plans, managing employees, tracking sales, and implementing sales strategies are just some of a company manager's responsibilities.

Most people's solution to the workload is by reorganizing their structure to have several partners run the company. Most people don't understand that hiring more people doesn't necessarily solve the issue of a company manager who doesn't have a clear trajectory.

The Value of Having the Right Mentor

A business advisor's goal is to share their years of experience to guide you through your current obstacles as a company manager. They can help you craft business strategies to provide better analysis, management, and sales forecasting for your projects. Unfortunately, it's not a simple task to find the ideal candidate to be your mentor. Although you can find someone who has plenty of industry experience, they may not be a good fit for your learning and management style. This and several other factors come into play when looking for the right business advisor who can guide you toward success.

In this article, we'll give three tips on how to find the right business advisor for your career.

1) Start Your Search with a List of Requirements and Expectations

Before you start looking for a mentor, it's necessary to assess yourself and what you're looking for. Proper introspection allows you to look at what you lack as a company manager and what you have problems handling your business. It can help to get insights from your staff or customers instead of relying on your self-assessment. It allows you to survey an outsider's perspective of how you should improve yourself and your management skills.

After looking at your strengths and weaknesses, try to formulate specific questions and problems you'd want help with. Doing so will give your mentor a concrete idea of providing you with the right solutions to your dilemmas.

2) Utilize Your Personal Network

Referrals are usually the best way to find solutions to your problems, whether you're looking for an employee or a mentor. Ask your peers, colleagues, relatives, and even your old boss to see if they know anyone willing to offer you business coaching services. The benefit of having someone who's already connected with your potential business coach is that you can gauge if they're a good fit for you. The digital equivalent of this is looking at reviews and ratings on third-party websites.

3) Wear Your Brand in Networking Events

It can be challenging to follow the tip above if you don't build up your business networks. No company grows without collaborating or interacting with other establishments. This is why you need to wear your brand when attending corporate events, seminars, coworking spaces, and other occasions. The broader your business networks are, the more likely you'll find an acquaintance during these events who can serve as your guide in handling your company.


Embracing the life of a business owner isn't for everyone. Even if you are one, there are times when you feel like you don't have all the answers to the problems that are piling up on your plate. It's important to remember that learning is a never-ending process. Remember that you can always develop your skills even as a head of a company. With the right business advisor as your mentor, you can overcome your weak points and discover how you can enrich your business endeavour.

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